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Michael Garnham
BACP Accreted Psychotherapist


TTP Counselling
Senior Therapist 2005/2009

Clifton Clinic
Senior Therapist 2009-2011

Head of Therapy TTP Harley Street

Managing Director One40/TTP Communities

Head of Admissions UK Addiction Treatment
Treatment Director Orchestrate Health, Addcounsel
MMG Counselling and consultancy
Private practice 2005/ present day


Westminster Pastoral Foundation(WPF) 2003/2004
Grade Distinction

Enfield College
Counselling Studies 2005-2006

CCPPD, Hornsey
Advance Diploma
Humanistic, Integrative counselling 2006-2008

BACP Accreditation 2010

BACP Accredited


Michael Garnham – Therapist

BACP accredited psychotherapist with 16 years experience working in mental health
specialising in psychodynamic person-centred therapies treating those with a range of mental health disorders
including anxiety, depression, OCD and Addiction.

About Me

I’m Michael, a professionally trained and qualified BACP accredited therapist offering therapy services covering a range of issues to both adults and young people.
I have a unique perspective as to the importance of individualised treatment programmes due to my own past mental health struggles.

I am an integrative psychotherapist who focuses on establishing treatment modalities to suit the individual and their needs. This may include exploring how an issue makes the person feel in the ‘here and now’ or exploring past experiences that may affect current
thinking and behaviour.

I am deeply passionate about each of my clients’ personal journeys to wellness. My mission is to help each person to discover the tools to cope with their unique challenges and then guide them to move from the problem to the solution.

Treatment Services

Cognitive-behavioural Therapy

CBT focuses on the present moment through unravelling unhelpful or detrimental ways of thinking and behaving. This therapy is particularly action-based as it centres on developing healthy coping skills and establishing a new way of being. This therapy creates a strong sense of self-autonomy and resilience.

Psychodynamic Counselling

This is a form of psychoanalytic therapy whereby a person’s unconscious is brought into the conscious. The focus is to enable the client to truly understand themselves on an emotional level. Underlying root causes for mental health issues are discovered, and a new way of processing is forged, encouraging positive change.

Person-centred Therapy

This form of therapy is also known as person-centred or client-centred counselling. The focus is to unravel how an individual perceives themselves and their experiences rather than others’ interpretation. This allows for a deep understanding of one’s psyche, fostering resolution of past events and negative self-views.


John Boroughs
John Boroughs

Michael’s natural ability of explanation, knowledge wealth of experience proved to be a safe , comfortable environment in which I was able to bravely expose my vulnerabilities and become, finally, my authentic self. An authentic self who, with Michael’s help, was able to put together an emotional tool bag in to which I was free to dip at will , enabling a healthy navigation through each day. Thank you, Michael. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Jane Stephens
Jane Stephens

I have been talking to Michael as a therapist over 8 years, as and when required.  I have found the sessions incredibly helpful, and never feel pushed into having sessions  when they don’t feel necessary.  If we don’t speak for 6 months, Michael always seems able to pick up exactly where we left off, which makes the sessions feel relevant and time valuable.  He is a very empathetic listener, and I would highly recommend trying him out.


Michael is a great therapist, he has a deep understanding of what it’s like to have addiction issues and always makes you feel heard and accepted. I was fortunate enough to be recommend to Michael following a relapse after 7 years of sobriety, I was suffering extreme anxiety and feeling in a very dark place. With his dedicated love, patience and counselling skills he helped me to piece my life back together and address some major issues. I am now 4 years sober again and life is good. I can’t thank him enough.

Jane B
Jane B

Michael made me realise that therapy is one of the most essential ways to show myself self love. I can’t express enough what a turning point it was for me when I started therapy, it’s a pivotal moment that I always focus on when reflecting on my mental health and how far I’ve come. Michael installed the mindset that I could and always have been able to overcome my issues on my own, I just needed someone to offer me the tools to do so and the initial bravery to step through Michael's door for the first time. I could never recommend him or therapy highly enough

Price Plans

Initial Consultation
  • 25 minutes session
  • Presenting core issues
  • Identify secondary issues
  • Understand client
  • Therapy plan & explanation
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Couples Therapy
£ 150 session
  • 50 minutes session
  • In person or remote
  • Safe Space
  • Identify issues
  • Tools to help address problems
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